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Tuesday May 22nd 2012, 12:58 pm
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Just time for an update, I think. Basically, work progresses. Scripts are scripting. Art is being arted. And as always with Phonogram, we have no idea if it’s any good, but we’re pretty sure it’s clever. Or at least wanky, which is nearly as good.

However, a little news you may be interested in. Primarily, that Comxiology has put up the whole of The Singles Club up, meaning that the whole of Phonogram so far is now available for digital purchase. Each issue is a couple of dollars, and The Singles Clubs includes the essays, extra material and comics we crammed in the single issues. Rue Britannia only includes the extra material for the first two issues. 3-6 has the ramblings uncollected. I’ll advise when that changes.

Especially for the Singles Club, that’s a whole lot of stuff. There’s at least six pages of uncollected comic in every issue, as well as a lot of rambling essays and interviews from me. If you’re a phonogram completist, especially for a couple of dollars a shot, you may consider it worth double-dipping to get it.

Buy Rue Britannia issues here.
Buy Singles Club issues here.

I especially recommend issue 7 of Singles Club, as we had ten pages of extra B-side stories in it. Also, the first issue of Singles Club is free, if you want to sample it.

If you don’t fancy Comixology, I note there’s a bunch of places to order Phonogram from, which I collate in a handy page.