Trouble In The Message Center
Tuesday October 15th 2013, 12:42 pm
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Hey, sorry guys. We haven’t been updating stuff here much, and basically leaning on our other social media presences.

Ugh. I said “social media presences”. I hate myself.

While blogging about the current Comixology sale, I realised that I wanted to put up a few notes here about what’s going on. I’ve said it in a few other places, but basically the situation is.

1) We thought we could do Young Avengers and Immaterial Girl at the same time. This was, shall we say, optimistic.
2) We’ve looked at Jamie’s schedule, and worked out when he can do it. We think it’s realistically the second half of next year. Basically, a year from now.
3) Don’t worry, it’s still happening.

And that’s it. Love to you all. See you soon.

Oh, Our Meeting Lit A Fuse In My Heart, Devoured Me
Thursday September 27th 2012, 10:15 am
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Some good news and some bad news. That are entirely unconnected, though we understand that people are going to think they are.

The bad news is that PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL won’t be happening this year. We were holding back from mentioning it, in hope we’d be able to make a better prediction of when the story will drop. But, due to a variety of other things, we still don’t know. We’re pretty sure it’ll be 2013. I’ll be highly surprised if it’s in the first half. What happened? Basically, life happened. “Scheduling issues” and all that. Sorry we can’t be more specific. And we’re sorry we announced it as early as we did.

However, here’s a page for you to have a nose at.

The good news is that Jamie and I are doing something for Marvel you may be interested in. They’ve released the following teaser.

I can’t really say anything about it yet, but I strongly suspect there’s a considerable cross-section of readers who dug Phonogram who will dig it too.

Yeah. The timing of this is all kinds of odd, but they’re unconnected events. We expect and understand a bit of cynicism, but hand on heart, etc.

Oh – and there should be some news about something else at New York Comic Con too. So – er – Hurrah?

Thinking how could I get some dead presidents…
Tuesday May 22nd 2012, 12:58 pm
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Just time for an update, I think. Basically, work progresses. Scripts are scripting. Art is being arted. And as always with Phonogram, we have no idea if it’s any good, but we’re pretty sure it’s clever. Or at least wanky, which is nearly as good.

However, a little news you may be interested in. Primarily, that Comxiology has put up the whole of The Singles Club up, meaning that the whole of Phonogram so far is now available for digital purchase. Each issue is a couple of dollars, and The Singles Clubs includes the essays, extra material and comics we crammed in the single issues. Rue Britannia only includes the extra material for the first two issues. 3-6 has the ramblings uncollected. I’ll advise when that changes.

Especially for the Singles Club, that’s a whole lot of stuff. There’s at least six pages of uncollected comic in every issue, as well as a lot of rambling essays and interviews from me. If you’re a phonogram completist, especially for a couple of dollars a shot, you may consider it worth double-dipping to get it.

Buy Rue Britannia issues here.
Buy Singles Club issues here.

I especially recommend issue 7 of Singles Club, as we had ten pages of extra B-side stories in it. Also, the first issue of Singles Club is free, if you want to sample it.

If you don’t fancy Comixology, I note there’s a bunch of places to order Phonogram from, which I collate in a handy page.

Don’t Call It A Comeback
Thursday March 01st 2012, 2:39 pm
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Yes, we’re back, site and Phonogram both.

(There was a problem with our old WordPress, which has had us on the Bad Sites register. We wiped the server to make sure anything iffy was gone, and come back with a clean installation. Bear with us as we rebuild the site into something both handy and useful.)

Enough housekeeping: the important news. We’re going to be doing a third Phonogram volume. Here’s the promo…

And here’s what Kieron wrote at the same time as its announcement at Image con.

Grand Image Uberlord Eric Stephenson has just announced Phonogram’s return in 2012. We’re still finalising the date, but I suspect PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL will drop in November. Clearly, with it being a little off, we don’t want to say too much now, but I’m sure there will be questions on your mind. We’ll try and answer the main ones.

Firstly, yes, we confirm it will be awesome.

Secondly, THE IMMATERIAL GIRL will be six issues. We’ve talked a little about what a hypothetical third Phonogram would be about in interviews, and almost all of that is in here. It’s primarily about the war between coven queen witch Emily Aster and the half of her personality she sold to whatever lies on the other side of the screen. It’s about identity, eighties music videos and further explorations of Phonogram’s core “Music = Magic” thesis. There is horror. There are jokes. There are emotions. There may even be a fight sequence. It also takes A-ha’s Take On Me with far too much seriousness – which, for us, is the correct amount of seriousness.

Thirdly, for those who don’t know about Phonogram, don’t worry. While part of a larger sequence, all Phonograms stand alone and can be consumed in any order. For example, we normally recommend people start with our second volume, THE SINGLE CLUB. What we’re saying is “You should feel free to start here.” Of course, if you want to run out and buy all the fine Phonogram product, we’re not going to try and talk you out of it.

Fourthly, we’re not talking about single-issue format yet. In fact, we may not talk about it at all and have it a surprise what you find inside each time. We hate to repeat ourselves.

And finally: we said we couldn’t do any further Phonogram. We’re doing more Phonogram. What’s changed? Circumstances have changed. Sorry to play enigmatic, but it’s just financial stuff and the day when the most important thing about Phonogram are lines on a graph is the day the little Phonofairy dies.

The most important reason for our return? Phonogram felt like unfinished business. While each volume stands alone, knowing we were so close to giving a little closure to Emily, Kohl and the rest was more than we could bear.

So we’re doing it again.

One more time.

Kieron Gillen
Jamie McKelvie
Matthew Wilson

Good to be back.